The Application Process

Achieve applications are now closed.

All Applicants will be notified via email regarding the result of their application twelve (12) weeks after the closing date of the round they apply in.


What will I need before completing the application form?

  • Please note: only staff members can lodge an application. Forms from parents or students will not be considered.
  • Approval from the Principal to apply.
  • The school’s address and contact details.
  • The school’s Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) of 1000 or below.
  • - Please use '111' if your school has not been issued with a number.
  • Project description and budget, including initials of the child/children you are applying for.

Successful application funding must be spent during the 2018 school year.

Please review the pdf of the application form to familiarise yourself with the questions.

Please note, there is a help guide for applicants provided online by SmartyGrants.

Who is the applicant - myself or the school?

The school is the applicant. If you are the one writing the application, you are the contact person.

Please note: The Principal of the school must be aware of the application if they are not personally submitting it. If a grant is awarded, it must be accepted and approved by the Principal of your school. The Principal’s email address is required on all applications. A confirmation of application receipt will be forwarded to both the contact person and the Principal. If your application is successful, the grant will need to be acquitted by the contact person or the school Principal on behalf of the school.

How do I log in?

In order to log in, you must first have registered as a SmartyGrants user.

The registration is found at the beginning of the form:

Your Name: *

Organisation: *

Email Address: *

Password: *

Subsequent logins need to be made with the email address and password under which you register.

Forgotten password

Please note that Barnardos Australia does not have details of your password. If you already have an account but cannot remember your password, you will need to click ‘forgotten password’ and follow the prompts. Smarty Grants will send you a temporary password, and once you have logged in, you can change your password.

My project is longer than the dates for the round. How do I complete that section?

Your project must start and finish within the 2018 school year. The end date for the project determines when you will be asked to acquit the project.

How do I review my application before submitting?

Go to the link -
Click on Apply
Log in (email and password)
Click on the current round submissions
Review your submission

When you have completed all the compulsory questions, please click on the SUBMIT button located on the right hand side.

I have clicked on SUBMIT and nothing has happened. What now?

Please check that you have done the following:

  • completed all mandatory questions
  • not used alphabetical characters in a number question field
  • have not gone over or under the word limit on a question
  • presented dates in the format dd/mm/yyyy

If you are still experiencing technical problems, please email

How do I know if my application has been submitted?

When you have reviewed your application and checked that all the required fields have been entered, you can submit your application. You will then receive a receipt confirmation via email stating your application number, which you should record. The receipt will also include a copy of your application. Please note, if you do not receive a confirmation email, your application has not been submitted correctly.

Can I change the project details once the application has been funded?

The grant is made for the project as outlined in the funded application, so it may not be changed without a request for variation. Please note that you cannot make any changes to your project description (such as children being supported, budget or dates) without contacting the Achieve team email: The final decision to support grant variation rests with the Achieve team.

What if budget details of my funded project change?

If your school has been successful in obtaining a grant for your project, it may be for specific items in your proposed budget. If so, this will be outlined in your offer email. Please inform us of any changes including project dates and minor variations. These changes must be indicated in your acquittal (please see below for further information).

I have received my offer email. Why have I not received my payment?

Firstly, please check that your school Principal has accepted the ‘Grant Agreement’ online and that all bank details are correct.

Grant payments are processed to schools in groups and in weekly cycles. Some schools accept their grants immediately, others do not. Please be advised that it may take some weeks for your grant to be processed through the system. Please ensure that the full banking details of your school’s main account have been provided. Incomplete information may lead to a delay in your grant being paid.

The email says I have to accept the grant by completing a grant agreement - where is it?

To access or preview the GA form please Login to SmartyGrants then go to ‘My Submissions’. You will see the grant agreement there.

What do I do if I am an LMBR School? NSW ONLY

The Department of Education has introduced a standardized financial system (SAP) for all NSW Public Schools as part of the LMBR. If you are a NSW Public school and your application is successful, you will need to raise a sales order with the DOE Accounts Receivable Team. Please contact the Department's new Shared Services Directorate 'EDConnect' on 1300 32 32 32 if you require further information.

Why am I being charged for providing incorrect banking details?

Please ensure that you provide your school’s banking details correctly so that your grant can be paid into your school account. If you are unsure, please confirm with your bank that the details are correct. If you provide incomplete/incorrect information and the payment is processed, the bank will charge a handling fee for returning the grant. Unfortunately, this fee will be passed on to the school, as we have no way of confirming if the bank details are correct before we make the payment.

What do I need to do once my funded project has taken place?

You must log on to SmartyGrants and acquit your grant. The acquittal is a report on what took place and how the grant funding was spent. When you logon, you will be able to see the acquittal form and the school’s application that was supported under ‘My Submissions’ . You may preview the acquittal form online, or you can download it on the website.

It is the responsibility of the school to acquit the grant. We understand teaching staff may change but the grant is accepted by the school Principal and the school needs to make arrangements for someone who has been involved with the project to write the acquittal. If your school has an un-acquitted grant, future applications will not be considered.

The completion date for your project determines the date when your acquittal is due. You will receive an acquittal reminder email approximately (3) three months after the completion date for your project if you have not submitted an acquittal. As part of the approval process for your acquittal, it will be compared to your original application and therefore you will need to explain if there are any minor differences.

Please provide a detailed report and where appropriate, attach images. Please note that the size of the boxes on the online form expand to 500 words. If you are downloading and printing a form, please add additional pages if you have insufficient space to answer the questions.

The acquittals assist in increasing sponsorship for the program, which increases the budget for all schools applying in future rounds. Please provide as much information as you can about what was achieved with the grant. It is anticipated that, through the analysis of this combined (de-identified) data, support from sponsors will continue to allow BCSP Achieve to assist more children in the future.

I can’t find the acquittal form

Login to SmartyGrants then go to 'My Submissions' and you should see the acquittal form. If you are unable see it, please email

My school did not use all of the grant. How do we return the balance?

Please email and we will provide you with account details so that you can return the balance. When you are completing the acquittal form, please explain and show in your budget section that not all the grant was used. Please always provide your school name and grant number in any correspondence with us.



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