Frequently asked questions:

Achieve applications are now closed.

Please read the following details carefully before applying.

We encourage you to also read the program guidelines and terms and conditions for further information.

If you are unsure whether your proposed project is eligible or have any questions relating to your application, please contact the Achieve team:

If you are emailing about an application that has been lodged or funded, please quote your application ID number. We aim to reply to you within two (2) working days.

Can any school apply?

The program is open to schools across Australia that have been registered by the relevant Education Department to operate as a school and have an ICSEA of 1000 or below. The program supports children aged 4-18 years from the beginning of Primary School through to the end of Secondary School.

Schools can include:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • K-12

Please note that this program does not support home school programs, pre-school or family day cares, schools run by organisations that have charitable status or support their activities through general fundraising. The program does not support projects aimed at children under 4 years of age, students in tertiary programs, or programs aimed at supporting students entering employment that are not being run by a registered school.

Application dates and stages

3 October 2017 - Grant round opens.

22 December 2017 - Grant round closes.

19 January 2018 - Applications reviewed.

16 February 2018 - Schools informed of decision.
Successful applications sent agreements to read and sign.

16 March 2018 - School returns approved agreements.

31 March 2018 - Payments made to schools.

31 March 2018 - Grant acquittals completed by schools.
(due no later than 3 months after the project completed)

1 March to 31 December 2018 - New project period.

Can schools make joint applications?

For projects that meet the overall aims of the grants program: one school may apply on behalf of a group of schools to address an issue faced by specific students in a particular geographical area. In this instance, one school can complete the application and include the names of the partner schools. If successful, the school lodging the application will be responsible for acquitting the grant.

We are a small community group, can we apply?

Unfortunately, no as the program only takes applications from schools. However, if a school is working in partnership with a small community group that is running a program, which meets the needs of specific children, and the overall BCSP guidelines, then a school may choose to lodge an application to assist that project. The project does need to be integrated into the school program.

What activities may be supported by Achieve?

The aim of Achieve is to support a child/children experiencing major disadvantage and isolation in the school system.

The grants program gives preference to small, discrete projects rather than contributing to the funding of large projects. The projects must address the needs of an individual child, group of children or young people that are experiencing major social or educational disadvantage.

One of the main aims of the program is to ensure that disenfranchised children or young people do not feel separated or isolated from their peers due to circumstances beyond their control. The grant should help the nominated child/children undertake increased participation in school activities and can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Material assistance: uniforms, shoes, textbooks and resources (including laptop computers/iPads), camp, school formal and excursion costs
  • Assisting children of the incarcerated and/or mentally ill – transport, clothes and gifts
  • Assisting young mums to stay in education – support, resources and tutoring
  • Defraying medical costs associated with serious medical conditions – support and resources
  • Assisting children dealing with grief – program training and resources
  • Assisting with educational enhancement program visits to schools – program training and resources
  • Motivational speakers and school visit programs - costs and training
  • Financial literacy – program training and resources
  • Homework, library and book clubs – staff salaries and resources
  • Making movies, participation in drama, music, dance and performance – staff salaries and resources.

Can I apply for funding for a replacement teacher while I attend training?

Yes, with the support of your Principal to confirm that this training will benefit students and upskill other teaching staff. Outcomes of this training should have both short-term and long-term results.

Is it possible to apply for assistance across a number of categories?

We would prefer applications to remain in one category. Nevertheless, we understand and accept that in some situations an application may be across different categories to support a particular student.

Does Achieve have more than one closing date a year?

At present, there is one application closing date each year as grants are offered subject to available funding. Please check the BCSP Achieve homepage for the current closing date.

When do I need to use the funding?

The project to be funded must be completed during the 2018 school year. If the planned activities are postponed or do not proceed, please contact the Achieve team as soon as possible.

Will all eligible applications be successful?

Unfortunately, no. While Barnardos would like to support all children experiencing disadvantage, there is a limited pool of funds available for the program. Achieve attracts a large number of applications at each closing date, so there is competition between many worthwhile projects for available funding. As a result, many worthy applications are unable to be funded or receive partial funding.

Can I apply for funding for a project that has already taken place?

Applications are not accepted for retrospective funding of activities: i.e. projects that are already underway or completed.

Can we apply for a group of students and provide their initials later?

Yes, you can apply and confirm the student’s initials during the acquittal stage.

Why do I have to include outcomes in my application?

We would like an indication of how the grant will make a difference to your school. By sharing measures of how this funding helps children in need, we hope to extend the life of Achieve.

How do I preview the application form?

If you would like to discuss this with your Principal, please download the PDF of the application.

How do I make my application more competitive?

  • Consider the overall aims of the program when writing your application. The main themes of the program are inclusion and unlocking a child's potential to achieve more through their education. The focus should be that an individual child or group of children so that they do not feel isolated or left out of activities due to social or economic disadvantage.
  • Consider the size of the grants and whether they are appropriate for the scale of the project you wish to apply for e.g. if it is an ongoing issue or a larger project: could the application have an impact by covering the first stage of a larger project or dealing with a component of the project? Or is the project/issue beyond the scope of the program?
  • By providing measurable educational outcomes, which may be mapped against the curriculum and reported on after, the acquittal progress.
  • By providing outcomes concerning children’s general improvement as well as those specifically linked to curriculum outcomes.
  • If your project is for a whole class or year group, consider whether everyone in the group requires support to attend the activity. The program is trying to address ‘major disadvantage’.
  • Schools sometimes consider the total value of the project for students without addressing the specific aims of the program. For example, an application to send three (3) students to school camp who would not attend without assistance from the program should meet the guidelines. An application to reduce the price of the school camp for everyone in the year would not automatically meet the guidelines of the program.
  • The program is about supporting children who are experiencing major disadvantage and it is presumed that their circumstances are known to the school. The school is asked to provide the initials of the child and if successful, the child and the grant are linked. The program is not about providing a grant for the school to decide at a later date, which children it will support.
  • Any proposed changes to a funded project require approval for variation.
  • Consider whether there is an official source of funding for the service that you would like to apply for through, for example, the Education or Health Departments. This is a small grants program, it cannot replace other funding sources.
  • Provide a detailed and accurate budget. Not only does this provide more information on your project, but should the Achieve team not have enough funds to support the whole application, they may be in a position to fund particular items. The fund supports applications for amounts up to $5,000. If you are applying for the full amount, please show evidence in your budget that the full amount is required.
  • Sample applications are provided as a guide only to assist your writing.

Will the privacy of the child/children be protected?

Barnardos Australia undertakes every precaution to ensure privacy. You will see from the application form that we only ask schools to provide the initials of the child/children to ensure anonymity. We do not undertake any publicity without obtaining the permission of the school, and if given, any individual identifying details will be changed.

Does my application require support from the child’s family?

If successful, the grant is made to your school for the project outlined in the application. The grant is paid directly to the school's bank account. The Achieve team expects the school to work with parents/guardians to facilitate this spending if successful.

When will I find out if my application is successful?

The process of evaluation, assessment and approval takes approximately twelve (12) weeks from the funding round closing date. After the assessment meeting, you will be emailed whether or not your application has been successful. The website is updated regularly regarding the dates when decisions will be emailed and the dates of future rounds. Please note that unsuccessful applications will not be automatically considered in future application rounds.

My school has received a grant. Can we re-apply in the next round?

Schools are welcome to apply again once they have lodged their grant acquittals and do not have any outstanding acquittals from previous rounds.

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